11 Essential Black TV Series You Can Watch Right Now – IndieWire

The rage currently aimed at police violence and systemic racism is centuries in the making. And in order to understand and meaningfully contribute to the movement, non-Black audiences have become increasingly interested in educating themselves on the racist and socioeconomic inequities that nurture the environment that allows these injustices to thrive. Black content creators, however, place more value in humanizing Black people over providing an education to those seeking one, as if to say that despite differences in skin color “we’re not all that different from each other.”

That is not to say that the below series don’t tackle the subject of race and identity; some do directly. There are real-life differences of habit and racial perspective. But most of them operate inside the conversation that emphasizes the universality of Black stories — humor, love, family, conflict, and every other kind of experience.

From Bernie Mac’s “The Bernie Mac Show,” to Ava DuVernay’s “Cherish the Day,” these are series that serve as a tonic for a society that has long been saturated with incomplete depictions of Black people, even as expectations evolve. Meanwhile, titles like “Random Acts of Flyness” and “Watchmen,” made in response to the status quo, unpack onscreen racist ideology that began with early 20th Century screen images of Black people. And while a sketch series might not seem suitable for this particular list, Dave Chappelle might have something to say about